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Welcome to my little world where I have the freedom to create useable art out of a piece of mud. This world is called earthea. A fictional name which describes my own small planet I am working on, my studio where all the magic is happening, where clay from the soil on our earth is transformed into a shape to use in daily life.

Thanks a lot to my love Andrej to find with me this beautiful name and thanks to my friend Adrian Ferda, who transferred this thoughts into an amazing Logo.

About me....I am originally from Germany, but found my home in the beautiful little town called Sväty Jur, just outside of Bratislava in Slovakia. Here I live and work together with my husband Andrej. Our life is all about wine. We have our own winery called NABOSO and we love what we do!

But next to the wine, there is my passion for ceramics. This passion started a few years ago as a hobby. I made some plates and bowls for myself, for friends and family. At one point I was asked to sell my pieces at a Pop-Up bakery from Denise Pölzelbauer in Rust on the Neusiedler lake. This was the start of making my hobby to more than a hobby. Now it is something in between. I try to spend as much time as possible in my newly built studio, beside making wine. 


So far I only do orders by request. Of course I always have some pieces to show, but if you contact me, we find out together in which direction it should go. I can create similar pieces, but all are hand-build,  individual and never exactly the same. Nothing is perfect is it!? :)

Right now you can have a wonderful meal from my dishes at my friend Peter`s restaurant Heimlichwirt in Gols in Austria and he also have some pieces for sale. 

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